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We have an exhaustive portfolio in the field of IT products & services and following are our core strengths.

IT Consulting

Enterprise Desktop Applications

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Search Engine Optimization

Business Process Management(BPM)

Bio Metric Hardware & Software

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Our client base is spread accross the globe from various industries such as Telecoms, Security Service Companies, Education & Research companies

Who We Are

LARA started as a small company, and came a long way since its colorful establishment. The company’s main goal was provided integrated IT solutions for the local businesses. And now ,we could proudly say that we have successfully achieved our goals and we have been on the right track within five years. We were able to produce a large number of enterprise applications for top class reputed companies in Sri Lanka and provided them with the right IT solutions to cut down their production costs and accelerate their business outcomes. Sri Lanka’s Economy is on a steady rise and by the year 2016, it has been predicted that Sri Lanka could possibly become the next best global hub for international markets that are wishing to outsource their work to international destinations. Up until now , Countries like India,China and Malaysia have been keeping a steady record for this kind of practice for many decades.

The world today is much smaller than it was a century ago. Gone are the days where strength in arms dictated the might of an individual or a nation. Today success and strength are wielded by those in control of sharing the information. Therefore, we thought to start a business including with the young crowd to give a helping hand to develop the country. Despite the many barriers we shall face in the near future. We confident that in the next five years we , as a company possess the necessary strength and determination to rise above the rest and reach not just new heights in the software field. We know that some people export software’s in higher rates, because of this it is very competitive, but our team starts to develop the same software at low cost for our customers and take the responsibility of the software. In India, Japan ,they give first preference for their country, in Sri Lanka we export all from other countries, now we have to change this situation , we try to develop our country like our close country India


“Be a most strength Software Enterprise in year 2016.”


“In providing the customer with quality Software solutions through innovative technology and provide our employees with excellent growth opportunities.”

About the Development Center

Located at the city of Kiribathgoda. The developing center is equipped with the right tools and technology to develop industrial software applications. All the engineers at LARA are qualified Software Engineers with more than 6 years of industrial experience. All the engineers in our development center are skilled people. They consist of graduates and undergraduates. The teams are made of people in different skill categories. Mainly software engineers ,System analysts ,architects and other types people who are trained to understand the client’s needs and come up with best of solutions. The cream of the country is filtered and they have great team spirit and they work with a smile on their face. The team is energetic ,vibrant , fun and friendly to work with.The software goes through rigorous testing before it is handed over to the final client. The customer Service section on the other hand is operational around the clock 24/7 and, the projects are well speculated under the supervision of a team of Engineers and technical managers to ensure the software meets with our client’s requirements & expectations and are delivered on time. The staff at LARA are filled with exciting vibrant people with different skills and quality levels. They are energetic to work with and can be a great source of inspiration for others. The engineers at LARA are encouraged to be role models and out set the behavior and the characters of their peers who work with them. They take great pride in what they do ,and are always fine-tuned to stay on alert for the latest technological advanced in the industry.

Some Of Our Clients

Our client base is spread accross the globe from various industries such as Telecoms, Security Service Companies, Education & Research companies

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